Smart cities are nowadays a huge challenge for governments, private industry, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, to determine collectively how to realize a smart city vision that meets their needs and accords with their local values. 
Smart light system is part of Smart city platform, which contain different sensors which have capacity to observe the world around them and give us data about what is happening. How sensors communicate with the Internet is a key aspect when conceiving of a connected project and it is depend upon the needs and limitations of a particular project. Due to application flexibility and open standards we enable broad adoption of high value smart city applications and services as well as increase choice and control across a thriving application and device ecosystem. In LUMENIA we offer open platform that can be installed as new system or can be integrated in to existing city infrastructure. 

Most of the time the connection is wirelessly to a cloud-based control application via a different number of streetlight-mounted base stations and from there we have an access to all the data which sensors gave us. These include using connected street lights as a communications hub for sensors such as traffic radar, to connect new control applications such as smart parking, or integrating lighting-based analytics with other smart city systems. With implementation of Smart solutions in cities or anywhere around us, we are recovering a footprint, and also we get the opportunity to watch analysis at savvy application of big data, via connected networks and use them to improve a city’s overall performance.

Investments in human and social capital, modern forms of transport and communication are sustainable investments. With integration of Smart city solutions and sustainable developments, Smart cities will become more innovative, competitive, attractive, save and resilient. This will improve the quality of life while reducing the environmental costs with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement. Comprehensive security and video surveillance is especialy important for to ensure trust and safety with multi-layer protection and continuous security monitoringcrowd management and event management to prevent cases of terrorism.  


Smart City Platform


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