Smart Industrial Lighting (SIL) is a system that includes LED luminaires, sensors and controller units. Luminaires that are controlled by sensors bring benefit especially in production units, warehouses or in general in every room with low occupation. We have the ability of an automatic or pre-set remote control of each luminaire or a group of them and with this increase the electrical efficiency of the system. Determining the proper illumination in a given space, we can improve the process efficiency of employees and production.

We are usually faced with two types of spaces in individual industry facility, depending on the work process. The first type is the one where we want to have an even and accurate illumination of the area (production line, workstation, offices, etc.). The biggest advantage of using SIL in this type of space is increased electrical efficiency (especially in the morning and afternoon) and improved process efficiency of employees and production. 

Second type of an industry space is the one where the occupation is not constant or high. Such area can be illuminated only in the presence of people in order to maximize the electrical power savings (warehouse, low occupied areas, etc.). 

SIL concept can also be used in other facilities such as schools, sports halls, farm halls and others.