Dear sir or madam!

Our way of life changes before our very eyes with the speed of light. However, usage of quality lighting is still lagging behind all the possibilities the smart lighting technology can offer - even though the quality of light around you is affecting your productivity, well-being and safety.

That's where we - LUMENIA - can help you. We offer much more than lighting. With our new identity are emphasising our 7 year growth into a serious player on lighting market and covering four key areas of expertise - LUMENIA STREET, LUMENIA INDUSTRIAL, LUMENIA INTERIOR and LUMENIA SOLUTIONS - we are boldly offering you complete, integrated and smart solutions, supreme light quality and precise lighting. We are inspired by the blue sky,which is reflected in our HCL lights.
SKY LUM is our first product line for Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which balances visual, emotional and biological human needs, taking into consideration your safety, your well-being, productivity and health.

Please visit our website, check out our lighting systems and benefit from our expertise - catch the new light !