LUMENIA entered the new year with a new visual identity in blue, which symbolizes wisdom, new technologies and intelligent ways of saving energy, wellbeing, and last but not least – the sky, as the inspiration for the perfect interior lighting installation. 

A leap ahead

We have grown from a luminaire provider into a noticeable actor in the market of smart lighting solutions, providing much more than just lighting. LUMENIA's focus has shifted towards connectivity, security and wellbeing. Our rebranding reflects our determination to grow, innovate and pursue excellence for many years to come.

Inspired by the sky

The blue reflects LUMENIA’s inspiration – the sky, and in a way marks the 2017 launch of HCL lights, which pursue this inspiration, in the EU market. It replaced the green colour and echoes our commitment to stay relevant and act responsibly towards the clients and the society by putting lighting in a broader context.

Having been in the market for 7 years now, we have realized that majority of people still live under non-efficient and environmentally unfriendly lighting, and that customers don't understand the importance of good lighting for their wellbeing. We want to help people understand the light. We want our visual identity to instantly express and emphasize that our future lies in smart and efficient LED technology-based lighting systems that constantly adjust the lighting to provide the optimal safety, connectivity and sustainability conditions.


Four main areas of work

The new identity also highlights the four main areas of our work: Street, Industrial, Interior and Solutions. They all have their own colours and logos, reflecting their unique way of meeting specific needs for proper lighting.

Lumenialogo street pokoncen Lumenialogo industrial pokoncen Lumenialogo interior pokoncen Lumenialogo solution pokoncen

Fresh perspective 

Our new look is a fresh perspective, that should infuse our marketing and sales with new energy, and help our business leap ahead.

Rebranding is a gradual process and will take some time to complete. Our goal is to shine in our new colours on LUMENIA’s 7th birthday on 14 February, and present our new visual identity at this year’s main lighting fair – Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt.

We invite you to discover the opportunities under the new LUMENIA brand identity.