Smart Street Lighting (SSL) is a system that includes LED luminaires, radar sensors, and a gateway with which we automatically control the illumination of the road in dependence on moving vehicles or pedestrians on this road.

The system includes the LED luminaire equipped with Zhaga or Nema socket, radar sensor integrated inside the node or independent sensor to be installed on the lighting pole and a gateway. The main concept of this system is to track vehicles and pedestrians on this segment of road (light on demand) with a so-called "lighting wave". 

improving electrical efficiency
reducing lighting pollution
collecting data of each luminaire
remote monitoring and alerting about possible luminaire failure. 

SSL system can be used especially on village, urban or pedestrian roads, where we don't have a constant number of vehicles or pedestrians during the night. The power saving benefit from SSL system like this can be observed especially in late night hours, when the number of vehicles and pedestrians or other users decrease.

Usually we experience two typical scenarios on a street road. In the first scenario, we have moving vehicles and in the second one we have moving pedestrians. With moving vehicles the luminaries will turn on with full power/luminance, while in the second one the luminaries will turn on with power/luminance depending on the setting that we set (usually lower power that the one used with moving vehicles). This regulation concept of controlling luminaries that depends on the moving object enables us to improve electrical efficieny of the system. We can regulate these settings remotely with a web interface.

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