The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on the May 25, 2018. This regulation offers an increased level of privacy protection. In LUMENIA we are firmly committed to respecting your privacy and we strictly comply with the legal provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

We will use your information exclusively for the purpose of informing us about our products, solutions, education, events, and notifications related to our business and will not be made public. The collected personal data will be protected in accordance with ZVOP-1, ZVOP-2, ZPT-1B and GDPR.


1. The source of our data
Company LUMENIA d.o.o. It works through a global network of partners in 25 countries of Europe and the world. Data is always obtained from local sources. Most of the data is obtained from:
• Publicly available sources (public registers, lists, etc.);
• LUMENIA contractual partners d.o.o .;
• Business information used in our CRM database.
Some of the data that we process are also obtained from the users of our products and solutions, as well as from the participants of our trainings and events.

In LUMENIA we only process basic information about individuals (natural and legal persons) who are:
• clients;
• partners;
• users of our products and solutions;
• participants in our education and events;
• founders, owners or legal representatives of legal entities (name, surname, address);
• sole traders;

2. Use, scope and purpose of storing and processing
We store and process personal information for the purpose of preserving contact with customers, market informing via e-mail about our products, solutions and services, promoting sales, customer profiling with the goal of tailor-made content and products to customers in e-mail, social networks and websites.
Keep your personal information carefully and use them only for the purposes of:
• Sending notifications of news from the field of lighting and activities that we perform in the local and global environment.
• sending invitations to events, seminars and webinar
• sending useful content, guides, case studies,
• information about our products and solutions,
• periodic sending of bids,
• survey,
• Segmentation,
• treating buying behavior.

When sent emails, we record the impressions on the users' pages of received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages. For a better and more focused offer and customization of further messages, the recorded data is automatically processed, analyzed, profiled and evaluated by our customers for the sent messages. Based on the recorded data and profiles created, we do not carry out automated decision-making.
For marketing purposes, we can use your basic contact information (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone, company function, company name, country, address, gender) and in some cases we can also record your behavior on our website.
If you follow our website, we also store cookies that allow us to measure the frequency of our site and your behavior on our website. For more information on cookies, visit or
You can set up a cookie policy on your web browser, and the above page also includes instructions on how to remove cookies from your web browser. In this case, some features may not work on our website.
We collect personal information with explicit consent with the consent of individuals. We consent together with their content and the content of the form with which they were obtained.

Our personal information is used by our following sections:
marketing and sales,
technical support.

3. Amount of Data
We store personal data collections on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and do not place them in other countries.

4. Retention period
The provider ensures the protection of personal data in accordance with this policy and with the requirements for the protection of personal data provided by the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia (Personal Data Protection Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 86/2004 as amended) and the regulations of the European Communities.
We keep the personal data of the individual until the consent for the storage and processing of individual data is revoked. After the cancellation of the consent of the individual, his personal data is immediately and effectively deleted.
If the above-described purposes, for which we store and process personal data, cease to exist in our company, the databases whose purpose has ceased to be immediately and efficiently and permanently deleted.
We store information about the received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages for 12 months after sending the message.

5. The rights of the individual (s)
Every individual can ask for information at any time
• insight,
• Correction,
• complete deletion,
• transfer to another provider of related services,
• interruption in processing and storage, withdrawal of consent for processing and storage, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing which, on the basis of consent or consent, consent was carried out until its cancellation.

In the event that we would like to further process personal data in our company for the purpose other than the purpose for which the personal data were collected, we will provide individuals with information about this other purpose and any further relevant information, such as those given in this document.
Any individual may, in the event that he believes that he is in any way violated his rights from the protection of his personal data, whenever he makes a complaint to the supervisory body - the Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia:
Republic of Slovenia, Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana,
We will do everything in our power to help individuals to exercise their rights.

6. Final provisions
The ineffectiveness of any provision of this policy, irrespective of the reason for invalidity, does not mean that this policy as a whole is invalid. In such a case, an invalid provision shall be deemed to be unwritten, and this Policy shall continue to apply without this provision.
The law of the Republic of Slovenia and the law of the European Communities shall apply to legal relations between users and tenderers. The court in Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia, has jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.
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We strive to update our privacy policy regularly. The last update was in May 2018.

How to contact us
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about your rights, please contact us.